Instructors: Garth Holman and Michael Pennington

Attended by: Amy Burvall

Instructor Contact:
Twitter @GarthHolman @ProfessorMike1

So funny! These 2 posted about me on their blog since my songs are "famous" in there classroom:

Here are my random notes, to be edited later

grown up digital
how do we create meaningful work?- relevance/ creative/ passion
how to teach, not cover…constructionist theory
ideas in action: digiport, podcast, flash vid, screen capture, flip teaching, essential questioning

kids brainstorm wondering questions, like post thru the year
usually unanswerable….gives them reason to learn

whoever does most work learns most
controlled chaos

legacy- world stage
focuses away from grades
Key is imagery, hyperlinks, multimedia, polit cartoons, interactive ..start collaborate using skype/google docs
Book used as resorce thru the year; edited-as-we-go
Roles…student photographer 4 class
Computer side chats (flip)
Start with essential question and talk 15 min
Inspired new projects
EXPERT phD peeps- to skype with and be in charge of the page….kids interview them- podcast
Images should say CC and be directly linked
Idea at beginning of year- what was being a teen like when your parents were kids…students make film (doc) but must have bib