Intructor: Ewan McIntosh

Attendee: Amy Burvall

Here are my random notes (TB edited later)

Facebook for ed use
Create with tools
Use open-source software
What are you allowed to do?
Stop imposing from above – students should empower themselves…start things

Ok to be “not wrong”…
Who are the “not starters”? We need to give kids change to srt something…and know how to turn a wrong into a right – RISK

Stop waiting for the call – seize your “calling”

Risk benefit assessment- need grit in your risk for learning
What are the rewards of taking the risk?

3 sets of knowledge: Known knowns; known unknown; unknown unknowns….what we don’t know what we don’t know

only 2% of Americans have a passport?

Canot force someone to reflect!
  1. lead by eample; by reminding them; provide adequate support; personal benefit was equal to that in school – they can still compliment eachother.
  2. Policy of invitation – i.d key user groups
  3. Who is n influencer?
  4. Let peeps evangelise, then train
  5. Support bottom-up behaviour(meet in pub)
Underwhelmed…if we overpromise….to globally connect kids you yourself have to be globally connected.