Instructor: Marco Torres

Attended by: Amy Burvall, Diane Smith, Victoria Adams

Instructor Contact Info:
Twitter @torres21

Here are Amy's random notes (I will edit later)

Create and plan idea
What does a problem really look like?
Some kids good at product, some at process..idea kids, execution kids
Sometimes how you learn is not the same as how you like to produce
Most projects under 5 minutes…should engae to have more questions…should engage others
Planning – super important – like storyboards- necessary to make public
Mindmapping…integral in business
Inspiration software
Categories….group it
Dig deep and find nuggets- like pixar
Should be brain dumps that are messy
Break up main categories and use to plan the product (web site/ assay/ estc)
Figure out order
Allow kids to find their way
Think about the content before the slides
Dri- directly responsible individual
How about a good learner who is not a good student? How do we measure?
*collect the footsteps – like mind maps, planning stages, etc.
Plan, Produce, Present, Pheedback, Promote

Diane's Notes

How to Plan Cool and Practical Multimedia Projects
Resources available on websites:

How to come up with ideas, manage the ideas, promote the ideas
Planning so impt. Need to plan 2 aspects:
1. Product: What do you want to do
2. Process: How are you going to do it.

In project work, kids can take roles that focus on their strengths- product, process, ideas, execute a plan, etc
To plan the idea, identify: goals, audience, stage, timeline, what is the idea, why produce who benefits from it, how long will it take, who will monitor the process.
Lesson plans- if only the film maker had the plan for the movie, it wouldn't work.
All project constituencies need to know the plan- students, parents, teacher, etc
Schools need to beef up the teaching of planning skills. Inspiration mindmaps so useful.

Ex- To get the idea of mindmapping, teacher helps students make a mind map of doing a project about a "hamburger"
Mind map everything that make up a hamburger. “Mind dump”
Then sort ideas into categories. Bread, meat, condiments, vegetables.

Need to find unique perspectives for stories.
Example: tour de France- Marco went to small towns along the way. People conspire against riders in the back. Filmed the story of an old woman who used her mop to hit riders the town didn't like.
Side stories create the unique projects.

Categorizing allows the idea generating process take off in unique directions.
Example: When people at Pixar brainstormed for Finding Nemo, they brainstormed about the worst thing that could happen to someone - someone kills your whole family, kidnaps your child, and everything you would go thru to get your child back.

Brainstorming steps
1. Make center based, inspiration type brainstorming mind map
2. Switch to the tree format to visualize a balanced idea base. Add to the categories that don't have as many ideas.
Ask "if I were to write a book about a hamburger, how many paragraphs would there be?" Or if there were to make a website about a hamburger, how many buttons would there be? A song, how many verses?
3. Change to outline view of mind map.
Then brainstorm the order of the categories.
Get creative with criteria for the order. Move around the order
4. Make outline into ppt.

Since extensive thought has already gone into the plan for CONTENT, the production process is more efficient.

Sequence of project: Plan, produce, present, feedback, promote

Can't just hand kids equipment. Need to teach them the mind mapping planning process. Idea management.
Impt to find the story nuggets within topics. Dig deeper.
Video example of immigration assignment- grandfather and video "Ham and Eggs"

School had a Film Festival of students' videos. Link to Film Festival Workshop
In planning of Film Festival, assignment of "DRIs" - "directly responsible individuals" in charge of each part of the plan.
Teacher would only meet with the film festival DRI- 1 person

Project 1- to learn the process
Mindmap of Self
Pair up, ask questions of each other to get at the stories behind the basic facts.
The mind map and questioning really fosters meaningful reflection
Have students tackle projects quickly.
"Quick victories build will."
The immigrant project was over a one week time period.

-Give students the tools to plan
-Mind mapping in all classes
-Project management

Kids mind maps are evidence of their learning of planning, project management. These are in the portfolio

Mindmapping App- Maptini. New mind mapping app.
MIndmapping software:

Project Steps**
1 Start with an idea, goals, target audience, basic questions.

2 Agree on Project/Process parameters as a guide.

3 Assign roles to team.

4 Mind map ideas. What are product goals and what are process goals.

5 Have questions ready and approved by producers (teacher).

Planning is the most crucial part of your project. The more organized your production is, the smoother and faster your project will come together.

When researching your documentary it is important to filter information, know where your information is coming from. is a site that allows you to find out.
Click on "Missing image" above to access site.