Instructor: Angela Maiers

Attended by: Amy Burvall, Diane Smith

Instructor contact info:
Twitter @AngelaMaiers

Here are Amy's random notes, to be edited later:

Smiles are data…passion quota

Don’t school a have to do, not a get to do

Honor it, don’t manufacture it

Keeping the spark

Why does it matter in all classes?

Passion is not necessarily fun / easy- actually very difficult

See wordle for “passion driven

CONTENT does not drive passion- it’s the quest to matter…passion means suffering….becasue it’s important

Willing to do stuff that makes you suffere, perservere…etc.

Passion is your power- it’s the one thing that kids remember

HEART- acronym…Hear them first….empathy..start 2 min of day with listening, watching, hearing

EMPOWER – making someone feel essential, not just important…believe and act as if they are essential…you get that way because you are NOTICED…and feel essential…mattering is a quest of human dignity

WOW writing- writing worthy of the world

ROLE OF STORY in bringing world together….role of music the same

Would you do it for free? If it was a risk? Would you fight to do it? – finding passion

Expert wall…to display heart maps

Google- 20% project (do reg job 80% of time)….must change the world or a life

YOU are a genius and the world needs your contribution