Instructor: Alan November

Attended by: Amy Burvall,

Instructor contact info:
Twitter @globalearner;

Here are Amy's random notes, to be edited later:

Teaching by questioning
Real jobs from farm; 1 room school house
What should students take with them for the rest of their life?
Upon what should students reflect on years later?
What is your student’s legacy?
What contribution can your students make?
If all children were teachers we would learn more- and all teachers should be learners
Dan Pink’s “”Drive”- should not grade students for creative work
Army of kids who design tutorials, saved on a web site…and archived
Collaborative note-taking allows teachers to see notes immediately

Notes on the blog
1 kid has audio recorder; 1 kid has camera so documentaries….per week – then storyboard images and make podcast weekly (learning documentary) – mulit-media doc team
kids want more work if it has purpose
every kid has a job!
goal of learning is to produce PASSIONATE learners
it’s really about human interaction
backchannelers on tooday’smeet
RSA illustrators
Assign twitter student- type # and whatever…
Every kid gets a Diigo acct- and youtube tutorial
Bookmarks are out- must have diigo
every kid should have a Twitter acct
How do we engage the undermotivated?
Ant real problems, choice, challenge…collaboration
Not afraid to fail…you can come back at it
Need problem finders
How to find problems….empathy/observation; define; ideate; prototype; feedback 9self-ass; peer)
From an is curriculum to a could be curriculum

Tease out those passions

Scrutiny- so what? Who cares?
Epic areas of discovery…
Learn skills not just content….
entrepreneurial learnrs
who are the soloists in the class
who is leading orchestra and who is not making noise