Instructor Tomas Daccord

Attended by: Amy Burvall

Instructor contact info:

To be honest, although Mr. Daccord was an awesome presenter and had a lot to say about the shift into multi-modal media and away from print-based learning (I'm really into The Gutenberg Parenthesis philosophy as well), I didn't really come across any "tools" or "means" to present other than ones I've used. the ONE EXCEPTION being a fascinating, user-friendly Flash-based web site creation tool called WIX

I think students across the curriculum would love this tool and I'm even going to use it for a personal web site, because I hate to code Flash!

Did you ever want to SEARCH FOR AN ELECTRONIC TEXT? For example, the actual novel in full form? Then type "ETEXT" in the search engine after your key word.

Fabulous fact: Google searches only the PUBLIC WEB, which is 8-30% of what is actually out there)

ISSUU - use if you want to ANNOTATE A PDF


Another great site: