Instructor: Ewan McIntosh

Attended by: Amy Burvall

Instructor's Contact: ;; Tweet @ewanmcintosh

CEO, NoTosh Limited,27 Lauriston Street, Edinburgh,EH3 9DQ. United Kingdom.e: ewan@ewanmcintosh.comb:
m: 00 44 (0)791 992 1830

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Here is the Course description:

Data can be fascinating, and it is not something that is just for math or science class. Since 2010 we have never had so much publicly available data about the way our lives are run, the environment, our geography, our history... But most of us do not know how to tap into the PDFs, tables, geocodes and charts to dig out the meaningful stories hidden in there. Learning how is one of the key new literacy skills our youngsters will need if they are to be fully participative members of society:
  • How can Google open up hidden data?
  • How can our students become gatherers of meaningful information about the world around them
  • What stories have been told using data, and can we find authentic real world problems that our students could help solve with their own open data crunching?
Ewan posted this email after the session:

Dear BLC-ers,
It was a delight to see you last week, particularly to see so many 'repeat visitors' who had come to the design thinking workshop on Monday. By the end of the week I think we had serendipitously tapped into a rich seam of sentiment about what our job as teachers is, and some very practical ideas about how to transform our learners into expert problem-finders.
To help you on your journey, please find attached an electronic copy of your notes from last week. You'll also find all the links, updated with books mentioned and your web-based examples produced on the day, on this NoTosh webpage:
It was such a pleasure to work and play with you all - have a great vacation and super start to the year, and please tell us on your blog or, at worst, by email, if you pull off a data-based storytelling venture with your students or colleagues at school.
Best regards,

My reflection:
This was really fun, because for 2 hours it was hands-on, and he let people go out and hunt for data. One group even went outside the hotel to search for street signs - how many were negative and how many were positive (told you what you could do!...none were the latter).
We then had any tool available to present our findings in an infographic and tease out a story.