Instructor : Ewan McIntosh

Attended by: Amy Burvall

Instructor contact info:
@ewanmcintosh and

These are the bookmarks for things Ewan used. This was a truly fascinating subject and session! I can't wait to embark on incorporating augmented reality into my curriculum and my life!

Here are some random, unedited notes...I will augment (no pun intended) with actual clips, etc. later:

How does an ipad know where it is?

GPS, devce to show video, video camera
See Stella Artois trailer; EYEPet, Jerry Seinfeld HP ad
***need location to make it work
Geolocation – how to harness???? FlickrFly
Taking photos with iphone adds geolacation…flickrfly flies you into location

AuGMENTING – Sound bites (well, video) of artisans – soundslides….

Get London Reading – social reading project
Museum of London APP – compare and contrast History
Londinium….see what Romans had constructed there…
Can you engineer music to street?....sountrack of the city!
Use LAYAR – Dutch platform…anyone can code
Matt Jones….light painting…

Artwork….projected on walls…? Would be neat to do an exchange from school to school
Starbucks with Picasso
Hotelroom secret – you leave secrets for others to discover
What can we do to make our environment more playful?
CONSIDER: playfulness lightening up/ discovery this prevents learning from being about Google it
Those who tell great stories….are important…augmented reality can break the line of the story

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