Instructor: Tom Daccord

Attended by: Amy Burvall

Instructor Contact info:
Twitter @thomasdaccord;

I didn't go to this session on change, but here's the material:

nor did I attend "Strategies for Communicating 21st century learning" , but this looks good:

Here are Amy's random notes (to be edited later)

Linear print-based is now multi-modal, screnn based….redefined literacy…less control of author more control by user!
More participatory – comment on comments with readers and author!
Papers= 20th c. paradigm
Kids must be able to communicate effectively using multi-media modalities…still has prose and traditional syntax…develop digital age skills
British Library – “Turning the Pages”
public service- create but also donate to others
when kids have an authentic audience they want to write more
kids immersed in SOCIAL networking they go above and beyond…
we are in the turnitin culture
no one should own knowledge – democratic participatory culture versus propietory
Students write and teacher writes blogs (edublogs/ wordpress/blogger)
Has a following on twitter
How do I create an audience for my kids? – reach out to other intl schools- created an online magazine
Tech moves faster than the formats (like citation) do
“video becoming the new text”