This page is reserved for the "Big Take-Backs" of the conference. Please reflect on the big concepts/ ideas you felt were most important, especially from the Keynote addresses.

BLC 11 Official website:

Here's a blog post I found on "The Big Take-Away" from BLC!1 - amy

The above BLOG has an extensive list of notes from various sessions and the keynotes. Just look for the dates.

I really heard the word "PURPOSE" a lot...students need to have a relevant purpose for work and understand what that is. Here's a blog post about DANIEL PINK's 3 ideas for increasing student motivation: (amy)

Another thing I really took away was the importance of ESSENTIAL or EPIC's a post:(amy)

10 ways to Help Students Ask Better Questions: (amy)

FATHER GUIDO's 5 Min. University:

Some notes from MARCO TORRES keynote: (Amy)

Analog restrictions at school that get in way ?
What if we stay in the question a litlle longer?
Need someone madly in love with learning
Learners love to share
Schooling is analog retriction
What is a work of art?
Colleagues not necessarily peeps from school
Find the yodas
Ask different question-
Changing the culture of ….?
Chefs or cooks? What eveidence to we have?
Don’t ask questions u can look up