Welcome back from a great conference! Here are some tips for the attendees/ editors:

1. Create a page by clicking "new page". After, you can click on your created page and "edit" to add to it.

2. Please name your page "Workshop + name of workshop". The pages are in alpha order, so all the Workhops will be lumped together.

3. Tag your workshop page if possible.

4. Save often


To keep consistency, please include the following:


1. Instructor's name (Size Heading 1)
2. Your name (size Heading 3)
3. Instructor's contact (like blog, web site, email, Twitter handle, etc.) - this can be bolded but don't forget to hyperlink by highlighting what you want linked, then clicking "link", then "new window". ***You can find by first name at


1. A brief overview of the course. You can refer to your BLC11 program guide OR your notes, etc.
2. Any helpful materials provided by the instructor, such as links, slideshows, handouts, etc. (use Link editor, file, or widget editors for this)...NOTE: files must be smaller than 10 MB per file, so please check
3. If the person recommended any BOOKS or ARTICLES, you can also include them on that page.
4. Your thoughts, ideas, reflections, questions, etc. If you have any SPECIFIC ideas for implementation at lJA, please post on the Implementation page as well.

*if your instructor was someone you think HAIS or LJA should bring out, please post!


You can START a new discussion using the "Discussion" tab. You may also respond to any discussion as well. We should keep the convo alive!